Hu.M.C.C. m.k.2 (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity)

As food prices continue to rise, due to the decrease of production capacity, inversely related to global population growth, the food industry is exploring new possibilities and alternative capacities for future food production. The HuMCC—Human Molecular Colonization Capacity project focuses on the food industry’s synthetic biology capacity. Centre place takes Maya Yogurt, a highly designed dairy product, made with an enzyme from the artist’s body.

transgenics TM

Hans A. Scheirl's paintings and installation "transgenics TM" are 'playing with the idea of a 'cyborg' subjectivity'. Hans Scheirl has become a painter after finishing the famous sci-fi-transgender-cyborg film Dandy Dust (1998). While the medium has changed the aritist develops a similar mental imaginary. For cyberfeminists such as Donna Haraway, chosing to becoming a cyborg was liberating because it made possible to renegotiate gender.

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