art-centered on microbes, or with a microbe-centric perspective


Late capitalisim has turned to microbes as a machinery or factory for products of value. This comes at a time when it becomes increasingly hard to separate the microbe from the human. Symbiosis, co-evolution, and the cooperation of microbes and human -omes is required for a healthy human. Over use of antibiotics as well as producing resistance in pathogens, has reduced the diversity of healthy microbes.

Hu.M.C.C. m.k.2 (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity)

As food prices continue to rise, due to the decrease of production capacity, inversely related to global population growth, the food industry is exploring new possibilities and alternative capacities for future food production. The HuMCC—Human Molecular Colonization Capacity project focuses on the food industry’s synthetic biology capacity. Centre place takes Maya Yogurt, a highly designed dairy product, made with an enzyme from the artist’s body.

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