Hu.M.C.C. m.k.2 (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity)


Maja Smrekar

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As food prices continue to rise, due to the decrease of production capacity, inversely related to global population growth, the food industry is exploring new possibilities and alternative capacities for future food production. The HuMCC—Human Molecular Colonization Capacity project focuses on the food industry’s synthetic biology capacity. Centre place takes Maya Yogurt, a highly designed dairy product, made with an enzyme from the artist’s body. HuMCC elaborates on a finding by Marx, according to which rising levels of accumulation of capital - generated by new waves of technological innovation - are linked to the tendency of the profit-rate to fall. Here, the genetically transformed microorganism produces lactic acid (as one of the most-used additives in the contemporary food industry) after having been synthetically designed from the artist’s genetic code combined with a yeast gene and transformed back into the same microorganism. The yogurt with the artist's enzyme is offered for public consumption. Paraphrasing the social Darwinism of the film Soylent Green, fear of ecological collapse turns into a subtle critique of corporate cannibalism. Extending the concept of tactical media to tactical biopolitics, the project formulates its critique through over-identification.

Notes from 17.05. 2015
tactical biopolitics (Beatriz da Costa)

violence of liberation (Slavoj Zizek)


industrious hard working precarious states of body and mind - although we are critical we live the values of capitalism, hard work
it is all about abuse and hard work

possible right for different forms of living
the things we do to microorganisms, the ultimate abuse of the yeast

we have even made it work better and more
micro-organism abuse
corporate cannibalism
microbiotic surplus

Summerian technique, 10000 ear old
one of the rare un-colonized fields
workers could put their biological capacity for food (Soylent Green)

Exploitation of microorganism


interspecies communication

veganism and yeast


probiotic art
personal probiotics
people as products


anthropology of fear