Zoomorph Lab


Lisa Jevbratt (SE) with Javier Villegas (CO) and Charlie Roberts

Lauki - fields tag: 

wants to make people aware of the multitude of experience around us

tool for helping people to think about that

interspecies collaboration

what does my do see?

occular-centrism anthropocentrism


long term research process

art and research, possible interdisciplinarity and also problems
it talks a lot about what artists can do
high pain threshold

scientists also have high threshold for boredom artists
getting funding from the national science foundation

outcomes: there is a sense of outcome
scientists ask for very specific things, what does it show?

If I knew what wanted to show I would not have to do it
curiosity killed the cat

why necessary to do it at university


mix of research and teaching

Bob language problem different way of being an artist

art is more truthful than neoclassical economists



soft goals / fuzzy vision

different epistemology

comparative epistemologies

intuitive and free

spectral envy