transgenics TM


Hans A. Scheirl

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Hans A. Scheirl's paintings and installation "transgenics TM" are 'playing with the idea of a 'cyborg' subjectivity'. Hans Scheirl has become a painter after finishing the famous sci-fi-transgender-cyborg film Dandy Dust (1998). While the medium has changed the aritist develops a similar mental imaginary. For cyberfeminists such as Donna Haraway, chosing to becoming a cyborg was liberating because it made possible to renegotiate gender. "As we get more and more intertwined with the cybernetic machines we use, and as we realize how much our identities are constructed within the network of all our relationships, we need other ways of imagining and re_presenting ourselves to the world,' writes Scheirl. His work presents raw emotional entities, the machinic forces of the subconscious - Freud in motion in a virtual animation. The traditional hierarchical relationships are replaced by more horizontal networks: 'the twins' and the pair, fe_male....the 01 of the digital...the one contained in the other, a half.' The work, as it transgresses borders between 2D and 3D, celebrates the right for free definition of the self, while reminding us of the potentials but also dark side of technoscience. Welcome to the 'organ entertainment park'.

"transgenics perversion prosperity TM !!"